FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Note

Things to Note

1. Do you require a deposit to book a hunt? Yes. We require a $200 deposit/hunter to reserve a date. The deposit will be applied to your final bill at the close of the hunt. This deposit is non-refundable in the event you must cancel a scheduled hunt. If advance notice is given, we reserve the right to transfer the deposit to another date if available.

1. Do I need a hunting license?  Yes, the Dept of Natural Resources requires all our guests to purchase a hunting license specific to your hunt.  For deer, you need to hold a general Hunting License, a Big Game License & a Harvest Record.  For quail, you need to hold a Shooting Preserve License.  Please visit https://gooutdoorsgeorgia.com/ to purchase prior to your hunt.

2. Do you rent shotguns or sell ammunition?  We believe that hunting with a personal gun you are familiar with is the ideal situation.  However, we do understand that for unforeseen circumstances, a guest may need to rent a gun.  We offer 12- & 20-gauge shotguns for rental.  While we do not stock ammunition for retail sale, we do try to keep a limited stock on hand for purchase if a guest finds themselves short on ammo.

3. What should I wear when Quail Hunting?  The main piece of advice in the way of clothing that we can offer is a comfortable pair of walking boots that have already been broken in.  A blaze-orange vest or cap is recommended.  Our guides will be wearing a vest for picking up birds, so a bird pocket is not necessary.  Briar pants/chaps are optional.

4. What is the hunter/guide ratio when Quail Hunting?  We keep our ratios to 2-3 hunters per guide.  If requested, 4 hunters may be allowed, but only 2-3 will be allowed on the ground at one time.

5. Is there a limit on how many birds I can shoot?  We do not impose a limit on the number or quail you can kill; nor do we impose Overkill Fees.  Regardless of the number shot, Half-day hunts will take home 12 birds per hunter and Full-day hunts will take home 20 birds.  Extra birds can be purchased to be released prior to your scheduled hunt.  If extra birds are purchased to be released, the same number of extra birds will be prepared for you to take home.

6. Is alcohol allowed?  Alcohol is allowed only after the day’s hunt has ended.  ABSOLUTELY no alcohol is allowed while hunting.

7. What is your tipping policy?  Guide tips are not required but are certainly appreciated by our guides.  

8. How much ammo do I need to bring? We recommend bringing a minimum of 4-5 boxes of shells when hunting quail or pheasant.

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