Hunting Safety

Hunting Safety

Safety Rules

Safety Rules

1. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during hunts.

2.  Obey all the common rules of gun safety while afield, e.g., always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

2. Be mindful of where your hunting colleagues are at all times. Always wear hunter orange, at least a cap, and preferably a cap and vest.

3. Maintain a straight line when walking.

4. Always scan the ground in front of you for obstacles that may trip you (e.g., a hole or piece of wire).

5. Know your assigned safe zones of fire and respect them. Do not shoot at birds that flush behind you.

6. When approaching a point, move quickly but safely into position.  Listen to your guide for the best positioning.

7. Always approach a pointed bird dog with your gun barrel pointed up with the safety on.

8. Do not shoot at low-flying birds or at any bird if the guide yells “no shot" or "low bird.”

9. If you knock a bird down, mark its location well. Don’t proceed towards the downed bird until all shooting has ceased.  Retrievers are on the ground for a reason.  Allow them to retrieve downed birds.

11. Always unload your shotgun (safely and completely) before getting into the vehicle; leave the action open for easy inspection. When unloading your gun, make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction at all times (generally upwards and away from anybody).

12. When making a shot, make sure that you see "blue sky" in the background. This will ensure that no dogs, hunters, guides or vehicles are in your line of sight.

Quail & Pheasant hunting is a great sport. But remember, there is no shot out there that is worth endangering yourself, your friends, your guide, or the dogs!

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